ID in Practice:
How to Design, Develop, Deliver and Evaluate
Performance-based Instruction

Course Description

Decrease costs and improve productivity in a diverse and rapidly changing business environment. That's the challenge. As a result, training programs today must be focused on realizing significant business results in a timely manner. Managers and practitioners must be prepared to deliver.

This intensive, four-day course will enable you to design and develop instructionally-sound, performance-based training programs that will decrease time-to-proficiency and accelerate performance impact. You will gain first-hand experience in each step of a proven Instructional Design (ID) process including Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation.

The course also includes:

  • Two field-based practical assignments with individual coaching by Dr. Lewis with feedback following the seminar
  • Membership to a professional community resource center and shared best practices

The techniques, tools and tips you will take away from this course are well-grounded in research and extensive practice. And, you will have an opportunity to outline a design document for your own project.

Student Guide and Reference Manual

Participants are provided with a robust Student Guide that contains the course content, visuals and graphics, exercises and examples.

IPS ID Resource Center

Participants are given access to the online IPS ID community resource center that contains tools, templates, tips, guidelines, checklists, FAQs, samples, discussion forums and shared best practices for instructional design practitioners.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. interact with other practitioners inside and outside of their own organization; and,
  2. contribute ideas, techniques and experiences to the community.
Who should participate?
Performance Technologists, Instructional Designers, Trainers, Training and Human Resource Managers, Subject-Matter-Experts as well as Educational and Instructional Technologists
Performance Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate a systematic process for Instructional Design (ID)
  • Prepare a project management plan that outlines success indicators, major tasks, resources, timeline, budget and assumptions
  • Conduct audience, setting, job, task, and/or content analyses
  • Gather information efficiently from Subject-Matter-Experts, documents and resources
  • Prepare a design document
    • Define program goals
    • Describe target audiences
    • Write and classify criterion-referenced, performance-based objectives
    • Delineate, classify, organize and sequence content and instruction
    • Match instructional strategies to performance objectives
    • Select instructional media
    • Create instructional activities and assessments
    • Design performance measurement strategies
    • Outline development assumptions
  • Develop training program materials
  • Plan implementation of training program and instructional materials
  • Describe methods for evaluating instruction, programs, and processes
4-Day Leader-Led, plus individual coaching and community membership
Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D., CPT
1.888.IPS.TEAM (ext. 2)

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